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Edexcel International Advanced Levels

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  • 1.  What are Edexcel International Advanced Levels? 

    Edexcel International Advanced Levels is a new suite of A level qualifications developed for international centres. With a modular structure, our new suite of International Advanced Levels have examination windows in January and June of each year, allowing students to finish their course in January if they need to, for entry to local and international universities. Please note Law and English Literature will continue to be examined in June of each year only.

  • 2.  What are the differences between GCE A levels and International Advanced Levels?


    Edexcel GCE A levels

    International Advanced Levels


    Modular structure until 2015
    (moving to a linear structure in 2015. All exams will be taken at the end of the two-year A level course).

    Advanced Subsidiary will become a standalone qualification from 2015.

    Modular structure

    AS can be used as a stage on the way to completing an Advanced Level.



    • Mix of coursework and examinations.
    • June examinations only.
    • No coursework (100% examination).
    • January and June examinations.

    Recognised by universities




    Regulated by Ofqual.

    Regulated by Pearson.

  • 3.  Which subjects will have an International Advanced Level qualification available?

    Mathematics, Economics, Accounting, Law, Biology, Chemistry, Physics.

  • 4.  Will there be new specifications for each of these subjects?

    Mathematics and Economics

    New International AS/Advanced Level specifications will be available for Mathematics and Economics.  Final specifications will be available to download from the IAL Home Page in August, ahead of first teaching in September 2013.

    We have produced mapping documents for Economics and Mathematics to outline where the changes in content occur between the Edexcel GCE specification and the IAL specification.  Mapping Guides can be found on each of the IAL subject pages from the IAL Home Page under Teacher Support Materials.

    Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Law and Accounting

    The existing Edexcel GCE Science specifications (with 100% written examination instead of coursework), Law and Accounting are being moved into our new suite of Edexcel International Advanced Levels. There is no change to the content or assessment of these specifications, only the name of the qualification will change. The specifications are exactly the same. We will be updating the covers of the specifications to reflect the change of qualification title after summer 2013. They will now be called Edexcel International AS/Advanced Level in Biology/Chemistry/Physics/Law/Accounting.

  • 5.  Are the International Advanced Level Qualifications recognised by universities?

    The qualifications have been written to the same rigorous standard as all Edexcel qualifications and Edexcel International Advanced level qualifications are already recognised by many leading universities in the UK and internationally. 

    Keep track of the latest universities accepting IALs by clicking on the advert International Advanced Levels:  Find out where they can take you! which can be found on the bottom right corner of the Degree Course Finder website.

    Pearson has advised us that all universities have been informed of the latest changes, but will only be able to send back their acknowledgements in due time.

  • 6.  Will my centre/students be disadvantaged in any way by taking Edexcel International Advanced Level qualifications if they are not regulated by Ofqual?

    Edexcel International Advanced Level qualifications have been written to the same high standards as our Edexcel GCEs and are being recognised as providing progression to higher education by universities around the world.

  • 7.  How many re-sit opportunities will my students have with the International Advanced Level qualifications?

    Students can re-sit each unit once before certification. 

  • 8.  Will AS be available for International Advanced Level and will it count towards an Advanced Level?

    Yes.  The new International Advanced Level will have an AS/A2 split, therefore AS can either be taken as a stand alone qualification or used as a stage on the way to completing an Advanced Level.

  • 9.  Can students in the UK take International Advanced level qualifications?

    No.  IAL qualifications are only available to students and centres outside the UK.

  • 10.  What textbooks should I use for International Advanced Levels?

    Textbooks used for the current Edexcel GCE A levels can be used for International Advanced Levels.  There is no need to purchase additional textbooks.

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Cambridge A-Levels

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Fact Details
Duration and Intakes 1.5 years of 3 semesters:
Entry Requirements SPM, O Levels or equivalent 5 credits including English and Mathematics/Science Subject pre-requisites apply
No. of Subjects A minimum of 3 or a maximum of 4 A Level subjects
Subjects Offered Mathematics
Further Mathematics
English Literature
Examination Sessions May / June
October / November
Assessment Style 100% external examinations in 2 phases: Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS Level) and A2 Level
Awarding Body University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)


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BSc Accounting & Finance (Hons)

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  • The degree provides students with a comprehensive grounding in accounting and fi nance within a solid framework of social science.
  • The programme conveys an international perspective and refl ects the efforts and contributions from academics and professionals in the UK and Asia-Pacific.
  • The subject guides provided for students are compiled by academics and researchers who are reputable and globally known in the fi eld of professional accountancy and fi nancial markets.
  • The degree allows students exemption of up to two full units including Principles of Accounting and one non-specified unit if they are qualified in accountancy.
  • Students graduating from 2008 onwards and who have passed the Foundation and Further units required by this degree or the BSc Banking & Finance are allowed by the Association of Chartered Certifi ed Accountants (ACCA) to claim exemption from certain ACCA modules.
  • The degree qualifies students to sit for the prestigious ICPAS Professional Examination organized by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore (ICPAS).
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BSc Economics & Management (Hons)

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The programme draws heavily on knowledge generated from social science theory.

  • A broad range of issues pertaining to global economics and international management is incorporated to develop a world-wide view and orientation.
  • Employers in the corporate world and related key employment areas place high esteem and recognition on graduates who have successfully completed their studies in this programme.
  • The programme is designed to foster logical and quantitative reasoning abilities among students who are able to demonstrate a good understanding of the forces having a profound impact on people’s life and work in society.
  • The programme incorporates in-depth analyses of key issues in the field of economics/specific areas of study in management.


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BSc Banking & Finance (Hons)

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  • The degree provides students with a strong foundation in quantitative, economic, accounting and finance subjects.
  • The finance units provide students with an understanding of the way in which financial intermediaries and institutions operate and the structure and functioning of financial markets.
  • Students will learn about the pricing of financial assets and why and how corporations choose and issue various types of assets.
  • The banking units provide information on precisely how financial intermediaries operate, both on a domestic level and in the international arena.
  • The degree allows students to choose optional units in related areas which complement the core units to give wellrounded coverage of the major issues and areas of modern financial theory and practice.


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BSc Economics (Hons)

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  • The degree builds on a good foundation in economic theory together with the necessary elements of mathematics and statistics.
  • The study of economics gives students a greater understanding of monetary and industrial economics as well as a broad perspective of world economics.
  • A wide range of international economics issues is incorporated to develop a global view of economics.
  • Because it’s a world class degree, its combination of rigorous study and powerful mathematical and quantitative skills equips students for top positions in public and private sector employment anywhere in the world.


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International Foundation Programme (IFP)

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The University of London International Foundation Programme is a prestigious programme designed to equip students with the academic skills required for undergraduate study. It provides students an exciting pathway to studying one of the BSc degrees delivered through the University of London International Programmes. Developed by academics at London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE), the programme ensures students achieve high academic standard, learn appropriate and up-to-date subject knowledge as well as develop intellectual curiosity. The IFP consists of 4 courses and can be completed in one academic year. Examination will be held in late April every year.

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Programme Overview

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When you enroll in a UoD programme, you take the first step on a path of professional development and personal fulfilment.

You will experience academic excellence at the first hand, from interfacing with our team of highly qualified and experienced lecturers whose reputation for teaching to high standards has been recognized by top partner universities, to studying a programme that has been widely endorsed by professional, business and industrial sectors.

At HELP, you will also experience a wide range of activities and programmes aimed at developing personality, and communication, leadership and organizational skills. HELP offers a cosmopolitan, modern and multicultural environment that provides limitless opportunities for developing good character and a wholesome personality as a basis for building a successful career and a life of fulfilment.

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BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance

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Why Choose This Course?

This degree is designed to ensure that when you graduate, you will be eligible for significant exemptions from a number of professional accounting bodies, i.e., maximum exemption from Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), UK. You’ll also have the opportunity to undertake a work placement year. This course is designed to enhance employment prospects.

About the Course

This degree equips you with a sound knowledge of accounting and business which will enable you to take up a management position in industry and commerce, or become a professional accountant. You'll be offered an accounting curriculum that is up to date, vocationally relevant and reflects the complex and challenging nature of the accounting and business environment.

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BA (Hons) Business Management

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Why Choose This Course?

The BA (Hons) Business Management degree gives a wide-ranging introduction to all aspects of business. It has been designed in close consultation with employers and professional bodies, so we are teaching you exactly what industry requires, increasing your employability. The subjects you cover throughout this degree don’t exist in isolation - in business you’ll need to use elements of each in different situations - so you’ll combine everything you learn and apply it to various business simulations and case studies. For example, you could find yourself setting up a business, identifying your target market, advertising, preparing business plans and cash flows, and carrying out a feasibility study. This experience and practical application of your knowledge sets this degree apart, and prepares you fully for a successful management career.

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