Faculty of Behavioral Sciences

Why Psychology @ HELP?

  • Largest Asian Undergraduate Psychology Programme
    One of the largest undergraduate psychology programmes in Asia with over 1,300 full time students
  • Distinguished Academics
    A strong faculty of over 50 staff members, with a team of 40 psychology academic staff who specialise in different areas of psychology
  • High Achieving Students
    A facilitative and interactive programme that attracts top student achievers from all over Malaysia and around the world
  • Strong Research Culture
    A strong research culture and infrastructure supported by academic staff who are active international research
  • Practical Work Placements
    Opportunities for practical training through internships with over 200 organisations
  • Specialized Masters Programmes
    Four Masters programmes in psychology for full time students and working adults
  • Flinders-HELP Joint Degree
    The first non-Australian University to attain the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) accreditation for an undergraduate psychology programme
  • Flexible Transfer Pathways
    Guaranteed transfer arrangements with over 50 top universities in the US, Australia, UK and New Zealand.
  • Vibrant Student Life
    A vibrant student life with active psychology student clubs, sporting events, psychology movie festivals and psychology research colloquiums

What is Psychology?

Come and join one of the largest and the most established Psychology programmes in Asia

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to the HELP University Psychology programme. We are proud that our University has become synonymous with the field of psychology in Malaysia and this has been due to the excellence shown by our students and faculty and the vibrant academic culture they have created in our faculty.

Interesting facts

  • We have over 1,300 full time students completing their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Psychology
  • We have over 50 staff members, with a team of 40 psychology academic staff
  • We were the first private university to offer Psychology in Malaysia
  • We were the first non-Australian University to attain the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC)accreditation
  • We have partnerships with over 50 top universities in the US, Australia, UK and New Zealand
  • We have 11 research centres and 1 research lab
  • We have placed graduates and interns in over 300 organizations
  • We have 24 hour access online journal databases with over 1 million full academic articles from over 3,000 psychology journals from around the world
  • We have 12 psychology student clubs and societies which ensure a vibrant student life
  • We are situated in HELP University’s brand new campus, fully equipped with various facilities for our students.

Our mission is to prepare psychology students to have a significant impact in their communities, and to continue to develop and expand the field of psychology in new and exciting ways. To safeguard our strong academic tradition, we impose high standards on all our students. It will be a hard climb at times, but we will journey with you every step of the way in the end you will have acquired the knowledge, attitude and skills to UNDERSTAND MINDS, EMPOWER LIVES.”

Dr Goh Chee Leong
Dean of Faculty of Behavioural Sciences
Past President, Malaysian Psychology Association
Treasurer, International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS)
Past President, ASEAN Regional Union of Psychological Societies

Psychology is the science of behaviours, thoughts and feelings.

In essence, psychology aims to understand how people behave, think and feel. This definition is well captured in the HELP Faculty of Behavioural Sciences motto: Understanding Minds, Empowering Lives.


Organisational and Work Psychology
Helping organisations select, inspire, manage and empower their workers.

Biopsychology and Neuropsychology
How the brain functions and affects people’s behaviour, thoughts and feelings.

Clinical Psychology
Applying psychology to the understanding, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of psychological dysfunctions.

Cognitive Psychology
Understanding how people remember, make decisions and process information.

Counselling Psychology
Helping people deal with adjustment and personal issues.

Developmental Psychology
How people develop physically, socially and emotionally from infancy to late adulthood.

Educational/School Psychology
Understanding how people learn to increase teaching effectiveness.

Forensic Psychology
Applying psychology to legal issues and understanding people who commit crimes.

Health Psychology
Applying psychology to people’s health issues like substance abuse, accident prevention and stress management.

Social Psychology
Understanding how people interact and influence each other.

Career Pathways

Graduates with Bachelor's Degrees

  • Corporate Consultant
  • Talent Management Consultant
  • Corporate Training (Soft Skills)
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Manager
  • General Administrative Management
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation Consultant
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • Advertising and Public Relations Consultant
  • Political Strategist
  • Life Coach
  • NGO worker in the following areas:
    • Disaster & emergency relief
    • Children with special needs
    • Abuse & neglect
    • Impoverished & marginalised communities
    • Youth work
    • Family work
  • Journalist, Media Reporter or Mass Media Consultant
  • Opinion Survey Researcher
  • Academic Tutor
  • Research Assistant

Graduates with Postgraduate Degrees

  • Organisational and Industrial Psychologist
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Child Psychologist
  • Counsellor
  • Crisis Counsellor
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Forensic Psychologist
  • Academic Lecturer & Researcher
  • Sports Psychologist
  • Ergonomist
  • Neuropsychologist and Neuroscienctist


Securing internship for HELP PSychology Graduates

An internship at a top organisation can be as valuable to you as the degree itself. The HELP Psychology Programme offers the unique opportunity for you to serve internships with over 200 business corporations and social work organisations in order to develop the work skills and contextual intelligence you need for your future career.

Our mission is to help students find a career that fits their talents, interests, passions and life goals.
This is in line with HELP University’s mission statement: to help people succeed and live a life of significance through education.

Careersense @ HELP

Director: Mr Eric Bryan Amaladas
The mission of this one-stop career guidance, testing and career development centre is to equip individuals and organisations with the relevant knowledge, competencies and skills needed for personal and career success.
Our services include:

  • Employment & Internship Support
  • Career Guidance Testing & Assessment
  • Career Exploration Resource Centre
  • Personal Development & Employability Training

Internships offered for HELP Psychology students

Student Experience



This is an in-house research conference held thrice a year in April, May and November, giving HELP Psychology students the opportunity to present their research to their peers and faculty staff. It reflects our commitment to train students in how to design, implement, analyse, and report research in psychology.


With a team of Clinical Psychologists and Counsellors, HELP offers students free counselling and consulting services to ensure a high level of mental health. Career counselling and personal development services are also available to all HELP students.


Psychology students who demonstrate academic excellence and good communication skills will be invited to apply for positions as student tutors. Their roles will include giving academic mentoring to students and assisting the lecturers in course preparation. This programme trains high performing students with various facilitation and study skills to empower them to act as Peer Tutors to fellow students.


This opportunity to work with academic staff on research is the ideal training ground for HELP Psychology students wanting to pursue further studies in psychology.


All HELP Psychology students are encouraged to seek work experience in a variety of areas before they graduate. The Department of Psychology will help link students with internship sites in their area of interest.


These seminars are conducted on a weekly basis and are presented by visiting lecturers, professors and speakers from different areas of expertise.


The department sets aside funding every year for undergraduate students to present their research papers at international conferences.



Manager: Mr Ronald Lee

The CPCS provides professional and confidential counselling and psychological services to students and staff of HELP University and members of the public. The clinic facilities provide a wonderful training ground for both postgraduate and undergraduate students to practice the skills they have learned in class.

Student activities

Chinese Cultural Society

Psi Chi (HELP University Chapter)

Child Development Psychology Club

Community Outreach Society

HELP Hiking Club

Top Achievers From Psychology @ HELP

Research Centre

To further enhance its status as a centre for research excellence, the HELP Psychology Department has established 11 research centres covering a diverse range of research interests.


Aim: To examine how psychology can help organisations be more successful and adaptive by better understanding and managing their talents.

Does Appropriate Emotions Display Influence Leadership Effectiveness?

Dr Eugene Tee and Dr Ng Yin Lu’s research examines the effect of expressed leader emotions on followers’ perceived effectiveness of their leader, in collaboration with Dr Neil Paulsen from the University of Queensland.

Work Related Stress in Malaysia

Dr Goh Chee Leong has been conducting research on the root causes of workplace stress in Malaysia involving over 20 organisations.

Leadership and Talent Management Models

Dr Ng Yin Lu and Dr Goh Chee Leong are collaborating with Leaderonomics, a leadership consulting firm, to establish a developmental psychology perspective of leadership.

Understanding and Interpreting the Drivers of the Knowledge Economy

Professor Mohan R. Gurubatham is actively researching and synthesising models in the Knowledge Economy (K-economy) with colleagues in the US and Finland. He examines the drivers that induce the diffusion and adoption of ICT globally.


Aim: Create a unique avenue incorporating expressive arts, where supportive relationships are established and where coping skills are enhanced resulting in a happy, resilient and productive citizenry.

Music Therapy

James Yeow, a qualified music therapist who is a leader of the Malaysia Music Therapy Association, runs regular music therapy workshops with students, staff and members of the public.


Aim: Understand and improve memory such as working memory and recognition memory.

Testing and enhancing working memory

Dr Gentaro Shishimi aims to study the benefits and limitations of working memory training methods. These research findings will help us to understand and improve working memory.


Aim: Equip individuals with workable, practical knowledge from the psychological sciences, so they will be able to lead healthier, more meaningful lives

Emotivity Web

Dr Eugene and Dr Choy Tsee Leng have developed a web portal featuring the fascinating science of emotions. For resources, new research and a glosarry of emotion-related terms, check out the website at www.emotivity.my


Aim: Provide parents with resources and services to build strong families in the efforts to enhance family relationships, as well as to helping parents support their children in achieving their full potential.

P.A.C.I.F.I.C (Parents And Children In Families and In Cultures)

This project lead by Fatimah Haron and Professor Quek is a collaborative project among researchers in the USA, China, Japan, Taiwan , Thailand and Turkey. The purpose of this study is to examine the socio-emotional development of preschool children and its predictors across these diverse cultural settings.


Aim: Incorporating psychological principles related to play and cognitive exploration.

Board Game Experiments

Dr Prihadi Kususanto and a team of undergraduates students are currently designing and conducting various studies to understand psychological aspects in games and how they facilitate perspective-taking and teamwork within the games and after playing the games in both competitive and cooperative setting.


Aim: To face the questions about life,death, meaning and what it means to be human beings, as these are questions intergral to us at some points in our life.

International Conference for Existential – Humanistic Psychology

Ms. Evone Phoo was the chair of the recent International Conference for Existential-Humanistic Psychology. The conference was the second biennial event, and the first to be hosted by HELP University. The conference featured luminaries in the field of existential psychology, international affiliations and partnerships which sought to bridge both Eastern and Western perspectives on what it means to live meaningfully.


Aim: To provide support for schools through the introduction of psychological assessments, improved teaching practices, and the strengthening of school counseling and support systems.

Learning Enhancement Study among Students of Chinese Independent Schools

This on-going research project is a joint effort to explore students’ motivation in academic planning and career planning. The team of researchers comprising Professor Datin Dr Quek Ai Hwa, Bawany Chinapan and Yap Yee Aun have completed intervention programmes for Kuang Hua High School, Klang, Selangor, Pay Fong High School, Malacca and Pei Hwa High School, Muar, Johor.


Aim: To promote inclusion and support inclusive practices in early years settings, primary and secondary mainstream schools and institutions of higher learning nationwide for students requiring Special Educational Needs (SEN).


Aim: Advance academic and public understanding of key issues facing Malaysian society from the perspectives of community, social, and political psychology, with a particular focus on intergroup relations and leadership.

The research on assessing the knowledge, beliefs, and perceptions on special educational needs among teachers in Malaysia conducted by Fatimah Haron, Sybella Ng and Dr. Caroline Gomez was completed in 2017 and some aspects of its findings were presented as a conference paper at the 29th International Congress of Applied Psychology, June 26-30, 2018, Montreal, Canada by Sybella Ng and Jasmine Parrott. The research team is working towards getting the research findings published in a reputable journal.

Project for National Unity and Harmony

In February 2014: all HELP Psychology undergraduate students worked in small groups to develop proposals on how to strengthen unity and harmony between different racial and religious groups in Malaysia using theories in Social Psychology. All in all, over 200 proposals were submitted and the best 20 proposals were compiled into a book, which was delivered to policy makers and leaders.

Understanding the Roots of Intergroup Prejudice and Fear

Elaine Fernandez and Dr Goh Chee Leong are working with the Malaysian Psychology Association to conduct a research examining the roots of stereotypes and fear among different racial groups in Malaysia. The goal is to find ways to prevent and reduce prejudice.


This centre aims to understand issues that pertain to aging and working with older adults and how psychology can facilitate the process of active and healthy aging.

Postgraduate Preperation


In the last 10 years, we have had over 300 HELP students completing their PhDs and Masters in the top universities around the world.


Academic Team

Professorial Chair

Professor Datin Dr Quek Ai HwaProfessorial Chair of Career DevelopmentPhD (Malaya)quekah@help.edu.my

Prof Quek is the recipient of a UNESCO Award for promoting literacy; the Chancellory Award for her PhD thesis and 7 Academic Excellence Awards from the University of Malaya. Her research interests are mainly in counselling and effective human resource training. She has published several books and contributed to journals, including The Asian Psychologist.

Head of Department

Ms Elaine FernandezHead of DepartmentMSc Social Psychology (Surrey)BPsych (First Class Hons) (HELP)elaine.fernandez@help.edu.my

Elaine was the recipient of HELP’s President’s Award in 2011, and graduated from the University of Surrey with Distinction. Her primary interest is in real-world applications of social psychological principles, particularly in the spheres of politics and social influence. Her research interests are focused on inter group relations within wider questions of social contexts/demographics, culture, power dynamics, and ideologies.


Professor Dr Mohan Raj GurubathamProfessor & LecturerPhD (Learning Sciences and Organisational Bahaviour) (Iowa)MA (Mass Comm) (Leicester)MBA (Maharishi)mohanrwg@help.edu.my

Prof Mohan acquired many years of consulting experience in global consulting firms in technology, change management, e-branding and learning. He is a TC3 working member of the International Federation of Information Processing within UNESCO and is in charge of evolving the best practice and research on ICT and education.

Published work:
Facilitating the far transfer of knowledge by metacognition in ict enabled globalized learning.

Associate Professor

Dr Fredrick A BoholstAssociate ProfessorPhD Clinical Psych (Ateneo de Manila)BS, MA I/O Psych (San Carlos)fredrickab@help.edu.my

Dr Boholst is the vice chairperson of the Philippine Mental Health Association and a former editorial board member of the Transactional Analysis Journal. He is currently an editorial board member of Colloquia Manilana. Dr Boholst’s research interests are life positions, life scripts, psychobiography of exemplary lives and consciousness mapping.


Dr Maria Felicitas (Marife) M.MamauagAssessment Consultant – Senior LecturerPhd in Educational Psychology (Measurement & Evaluation) (De La Salle)Ms in Educational Measurement & Evaluation (De La Salle)marife.mamauag@help.edu.my

Dr. Mamauag is founding member and Chair in the Test Development Division of the Philippine Educational Measurement and Evaluation, Inc., and active member of the International Test Commission. She was a Research Fellow of SEAMEO-INNOTECH and Consultant in several test development projects at the Asian Psychological Services and Assessment, Inc. Her current research project is on a development test battery for career assessment and counselling.

Mr Kumaresan A RamalingamConsultant, Senior Lecturer & TrainerMA (Distinction) (Counselling) (DeLa Salle)kumarr@help.edu.my

Kumar was a member of the World Vision East Timor research team. He has a keen interest in Counselling, Personal Growth and Development and their applications.


Mr Eric Bryan AmaladasDirector, Consultant, Lecturer & TrainerMCounselling (HELP)BA Psychology (Manitoba)ericbaa@help.edu.my

Eric has been actively involved in the development and delivery of youth and adult learning and leadership development programmes. He has served as a consultant and a trainer to many organisations including Bank Negara and Maxis.


Ms Sydnedé LimCounselor & LecturerMCounseling (HELP) (KB, PA)BSc Psych (Canterbury)sydnede.lim@help.edu.my

Sydnedé is a licensed counselor and lecturer for CAREERsense@HELP. She lectures the undergraduate career class in hopes to provide career guidance to students as well as supervises postgraduate counselling trainees. She is also a trainer for workplace-related topics. Sydnedé is currently in a research team conducting a validity study.

Mr Justin YapCounselor, Lecturer & TrainerMCounseling (HELP)BPsychology (UniSA)justin.yap@help.edu.my

Justin is a specialist in Career Counseling, and Crisis Counseling. He is also a supervisor for Counseling students. His research interest is in the area of career decision making in the Asian family context.

Ms Tong Li FernCounsellor & LecturerMCounselling (HELP)BBUS (CSU)tong.lf@help.edu.my

Li Fern is a licensed counsellor and lecturer for CAREERsense@HELP. She leverages on her corporate experience to enrich her lectures through experiential learning. Li Fern also provides corporate training in the field of career development and emotional intelligence. She enjoys sharing knowledge and supervising trainee counsellors.

Senior Lecturers

Dr Choy Tsee LengSenior LecturerPhD (McMaster), Msc (UCL),BscNeuroscience (Dalhousie)choy.tl@help.edu.my

Dr Choy is interested in developing nonverbal measures of consciousness and emotion using music and event-related potentials (ERPs). She has worked with brain injured patients in this capacity, and is intrigued with its applicability to other communicative impaired populations (e.g alexithymia, autism, aphasia).

Dr Eugene TeeSenior LecturerPhD (Queensland)teeyj@help.edu.my

Dr Tee’s research focuses on the impact of emotions in a leadership and organisational context. He has a specific interest in the application of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in the workplace as well as in the role of emotional contagion in leader-follower interactions.

Ms Bawany ChinapanSenior LecturerMSocSc (Counselling and Psychotherapy) (Edith Cowan)bawanyc@help.edu.my

Bawany has 20 years’ experience in education. She has worked with Yayasan Strategik Sosial, helping underprivileged youngsters to improve their academic performance. Her interest is in couples and adolescence counselling.

Mr. James YeowSenior LecturerMS Counselling (UPM)BA Music Therapy (Western Illinois University)james.yeow@help.edu.my

James is the deputy president of the Malaysian Society for Music in Medicine (MSMM) and a lifetime member of the Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology. He has given training to staff members of Petronas, Jobstreet, Public Bank, Malaysian Institute of Accountants, and teaching staff of Malaysian schools and universities.

Pn Fatimah HaronSenior LecturerMA Early Childhood Education (Tennessee)fatimahh@help.edu.my

Fatimah has been an evaluator with the Malaysian Qualifications Agency since 1999 and was involved in the UNICEF HELP Bully Prevention and Positive Discipline Project. She has participated in various research projects in the areas of child and educational psychology.

Ms Evone PhooSenior LecturerMClinical Psych (HELP)evone.phoo@help.edu.my

Evone is a practising clinical psychologist and a member of the Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology. She currently teaches Counselling Skills, Counselling Theories and Techniques, and Abnormal Psychology at HELP. Her area of interest is in existential psychology, particularly in the phenomena of meaninglessness in life and the existential vacuum.


Dr Gentaro ShishimiSenior LecturerPhD (University of Hawai‘i at Mánoa)gentaro.shishimi@help.edu.my

For his PhD, Dr Shishimi researched working memory and concept learning in honeybees. His background is in animal learning and cognition, but he is also interested in human learning and cognition from the perspective of comparative psychology, in which similarities and differences among species have been found.

Dr Ng Siew LiLecturerPhD (Clinical Psychology) (Central Michigan U), MA (Clinical Psychology) (Central Michigan U) , BPsych (Frist Class Honours) (HELP)ng.sl@help.edu.my

Dr Ng was a recipient of the HELP Distinction Scholarship, Fulbright Scholarship, and International Peace Scholarship awards. She received specialised clinical training from the Trauma and Anxiety Disorders Clinic and Neuropsychological Assessment Clinic at Central Michigan University as well as from the Early Psychosis Intervention Center at University of Arizona, USA. Her research interests include addiction, trauma and anxiety, as well as multicultural issues.

Dr Prihadi Ditto KususantoLecturerPhD Educational Psychology (USM) prihadi.k@help.edu.my

Dr Ditto has published various papers on social psychology in educational settings. His current research is on entrepreneurship education through his self-designed board game. He previously worked with children with dyslexia and developmental delays in order to teach them reading, and he is actively involved in Malaysian Psychological Association (PSIMA).

Published work:
1. Improving Resilience and Self-Esteem among University Students with Entrepreneurship Simulation Board Game
2. Mediation Role of Locus of Control on the Relationship of Learned-Helplessness and Academic Procrastination
3. Mediation Effect of Resilience on The Relationship between Self-Efficacy and Competitiveness among University Students

Mr Pak Wei HanLecturerMSc Political Psychology (Queens University Belfast) Bsc Psychologyhan.pwh@help.edu.my

Pak Wei Han previously studied in Queens University Belfast. Northern Ireland, where he had spent 4 years learning about conflict resolution and prejudice. He enjoysstudying racial prejudice, and teaching psychology-related topics.He wishes to take the lessons he learnt in Belfast and put them to good use in the academic field.

Mr Yap Wai MengLecturerMsc Management Psychology (Nottingham)BPsych(First Class Honours)(HELP)waimeng.yap@help.edu.my

Wai Meng is a a management psychologist whose areas of interest lie in work, management and organisational psychology.He is passionate about improving the well-being and happiness of employees in the workplace, and believes that it can be achieved by intergrating organisational research findings into workplace practice.

Ms Cheah Yi TingLecturerMA Applied Psychology of Music (Leeds)Bsc(Hons) Psychology (Northumbria)yiting.cheah@help.edu.my

Yi Tin is interest in area of the psychology behind musical behaviours. Her Masters dissertation looked into the implicitness of musical aesthetic judgement and the cognitive functions involved.

Ms Lavanya SelvaratnamLecturerMaster of Managerial Psychology (HELP) BSc Biomedical Science (UPM)lavanya.s@help.edu.my

Lavanya has a degree in Biomedicine and a Master of Managerial Psychology, and is currently pursuing her PhD in Educational Psychology. She has also obtained her Certificate in Dance Therapy (theory) from School of Dance Therapy London, as her interests strongly lie in the area of therapy through dance. Being a trained choreographer with more than 20 years of experience, she has conducted many talks and workshops on therapeutic dance.

Mr Bashir BashardoostLecturerMCounselling (HELP)bashir@help.edu.my

Bashir Bashardoost is a practising counselling psychologist and a member of Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia. His area of interest is Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. One of his main goals is to assist young adults in the process of shaping their identity. Currently, Bashir is pursuing his PhD in Counselling in University Malaya.

Ms Karuna Sarah Thomas LecturerMSc Gerontology (Southampton) BPsych (HELP)karuna.s@help.edu.my

Karuna was the recipient of the Dean List Award (2016/2017) and the International PGT Scholarship Award (2017) from the University of Southampton for outstanding academic achievements. Her research interrests include how families negotiate the care of older people and the occurrence of mulitigenerational households, specifiacally among the urban poor in Malaysia.

Ms Melissa ChuaLecturerMA Educational Psychology (USM)BEd Special Needs (USM)melissa.chua@help.edu.my

Melissa is interest in area of behavior modification and special education. She previously worked with children of various abilities, providing intervention to improve their developmental level. She is keen in exploring new teaching and learning methods that can easily be adapted by practitioners in the field.

Ms Sarah Yung Kah YanLecturerMCounselling (HELP)BPsych (Hons) (HELP)sarah.yung@help.edu.my 

Sarah is a lecturer in the Masters of Counselling Programme, and also a licensed counsellor who is actively practicing in the Centre for Psychological and Counselling Services (CPCS). She is interested in challenging stereotypes in mental health, particularly in working with youth and minority communities, as well as addressing sensitive and unconventional topics in therapy.

Ms Usha PonnuduraiLecturerMCounselling (HELP)BMedSc (Aberdeen)ushap@help.edu.my

Usha is a licensed counsellor and lecturer in the Masters of Counselling program, whereby she oversees novice counsellors, and also sees her clients. She has had a decades worth of experience as a licensed counsellor and as Deputy Manager at the Centre for Psychological and Counselling Services (CPCS). She enjoys working with and shaping novices in the mental health field. Part of Usha is interests includes training and working with young adults, families and couples, and sharing mental health information using a community-based platform.

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