Faculty of Education and Languages

Early Childhood Education Overview


The DECE and BECE Programmes prepare the Educator and Care-provider to be the qualified and certified educator and carer of young children. It is the professional identity in the ECCE industry.


Implicit in early childhood education (ECE) is the provision of care (ECCE), which is the essence of HELP ECE programmes for the Educator-Carer acquires knowledge and understanding, skills and strategies, attitudes and values in distinctively ECCE domains.

  • Partnering Parents
  • Safety and Security
  • Hygiene and Health
  • Appropriate Activities
  • Records and Reports


In scope and contents, the DECE and BECE programmes are spiral and integrated.

The Educator-Carer begins the professional preparation journey with a broad appraisal of the ECCE knowledge base and progressively becomes qualified and eventually, certified for work with young children in nursery and kindergarten.

Spiral Diagram: Spiral and Integrated DECEC and BECE Curriculum

Year 3: Society, School and Home

Year 2: Nursery and Kindergarten Programmes

Year 1: EDU-CARER and ECCE Services


DECE qualified and certified Educator-Carers are motivated to pursue the BECE (Hons) Programme. They are eligible for second year admission with strong academic standing locally and overseas.

  • Available to HELP, DECE Educator-carers are merit scholarships and grants.
  • Several universities oversea offer HELP Educator-carers advanced standing.
  • Credit transfer and subject exemption are available.


The BECE Students Club is an initiative of the first cohort of students (2011). It has grown in status and extended its activities into several community services. Every BECE student is a member. From the wide range of activities organized, informal learning experiences augment the learning experience of the formal programme. This enriches the Edu-carers’ professional journey by encouraging them to assume leadership roles and take ownership of their own educational journey of commitment to community service.

Activities of the BECE Students Club:

  • Organized annual events
    • BECE gathering connecting with ECE stakeholders
    • 2-days of activities with the Pop-Up Stories Fan Clubs of Selangor and KL
    • Second Time Around Story Books
  • Organising and maintaining the Library of the HELP Education Department
  • Participation in Orang Asli Study Camps.

Language Education Overview

Course details

A high level of competency in English has become a workplace requirement. As such, the demand for well-qualified and competent English teachers will keep on growing.

HELP University is well-positioned to offer a high-quality learning experience for students aiming to make a career in Education. The B.Ed. in TESL (Hons) programme will equip graduates with the necessary knowledge, skills and capabilities to succeed as teaching professionals in public and private schools and universities.

The Department has an excellent teaching faculty with Master’s and PhD level qualifications. Our staff is assigned courses based on their respective areas of expertise. We challenge you to enrol in this programme and see how it can help you to achieve your goals.


Graduate employability is always a key factor considered by both students and potential employers. Practical applications are strongly featured in the programme, which links theory and practice through critical reflection to build work-based skills as well as sound academic knowledge.

The programme has a Practicum Component which develops professional skills and attributes through observation and feedback. The programme also helps students to develop their interpersonal skills, teamwork skills and communication skills, which are highly sought after by employers. Skills gained from this area of study can easily be applied to different jobs enabling graduates to take up a wide range of careers in various sectors. There are also many opportunities for graduates of HELP’s B. Ed in TESL (Hons) programme who wish to pursue their graduate studies.

Students have access to the facilities and expertise of HELP University’s ELM Graduate School and other academic departments. In addition, HELP leverages on its extensive network of international university partners to offer a wide range of choices for graduates at premier institutions and academies.

Academic Team – Department of Education


Dr. Gerard LouisDean, Faculty of Education and LanguagesBScEd Hons (Malaya)MSc (Guidance & Counseling)PhD (Counseling Psych)(DLSU, Manila)

Dr. Gerard has been involved in the field of education, counseling and training for over 30 years. He has worked as a school administrator in both public and private school settings. He has been with the HELP Education Group for the last 18 years and served as the founding Principal of HELP International School. He was also instrumental in setting up CAREERsense@HELP, the career guidance and assessment center at HELP University as well as the Center for Workplace Performance and Learning. He has extensive experience in the training, supervision and development of both professional counselors and counselors-in-training. His personal area of interest and research in the field of education is in outcome-based education and learning, as well as leading change in an international educational context. In the field of counseling psychology, his research interest is in the area of examining factors that contribute towards abstinence and relapse among recovering drug users. He currently sits on the Boards of Governors of HELP International School and the Crescendo-HELP International School in Johor Bahru. He is also an Academic Advisor for the HELP Education Services Limited.

Head of Department

Dr. Goh Lay HuahAssociate Professor and Head of Department of EducationPh.D (Management in Education)M.Ed (Management and Language Teaching)Certificate TESOLMicrosoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Goh Lay Huah is the Head of the Department of Education at the Faculty of Education and Languages. She has 30 years’ experience working as a teacher educator, trainer and coach/mentor in education. Dr. Goh has demonstrated excellence in instructional leadership in her many years of involvement in Malaysian Teacher Training Institutes, public and private Universities. She also displays strengths in facilitating and leading educational research and research consultancy skills, and has published in international refereed journal and current international pedagogical best practices, in particular with regards to instructional technology. Her other capabilities include: wide experience in consultancy in schools and education training and highly skillful in handling e-learning environments, highly-developed communication, interpersonal and negotiation skills in matters involving colleagues and students as well as external clients in international contexts. She also has the ability to act as excellent brand ambassador locally, regionally and world-wide.

DECE Program Leader

Ms. Lee Swee Peng, RachelLecturer and DECE Program LeaderB Bus (Accounting) (Curtin)B Early Childhood Studies (ECU WA)

Ms. Rachel Lee offers the ECCE programs a special insight into the ECCE industry and on how young children grow, learn and develop from the perspective of an accountant who went on to pursue a degree in early childhood studies in 2001 and a master of early childhood education in 2011. Furthermore, as a mother of three young children, she brings to the ECCE classes another dimension that links the theories and best practices in ECCE settings. Having worked as a trainer of childcare providers and kindergarten teachers over the last 15 years, she is familiar with the requirements of quality, best practice and standards expected of early childhood teachers. Her expertise, experience and interest offer ECCE students wide ranging exposure to ECCE careers and professional development. Ms. Rachel has been an active member of the ECCE Council since 2011, and was the internal audit and assistant treasurer to the council. She is also well connected with the private ECCE industry.

BECE (Hons) Program Leader

Ms Revati RamakrishnanSenior Lecturer and BECE (Hons) Program LeaderBachelor of Psychology (Curtin)M Human Science (Psychology) (IIU)

Ms. Revati gains collegial respect of her ECCE peers having worked with them for a decade after graduation. Her qualifications; Masters in Human Sciences (Psychology) and Bachelor of Psychology; obtained from International Islamic University, Malaysia and Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia, in 2005 and 2008, respectively have given her the basic ECCE strength. She is trained in Indian classical dance, and has participated in many dance drama productions across various age groups. Her passion for early childhood education grew when she was in Western Australia where she worked in childcare services. Her employment as a disability support worker at Rocky Bay, a leading provider of disability services, exposed and sparked her interest in the area of special needs. Her expertise, interest and experience are best employed in teaching subjects such as Child Development, Special Needs Education and Play Therapy.

Senior Lecturer

Ms. Anita Wong Voon YingSenior LecturerBEd TESL (Hons) (Kent, UK)MA Sp Ed (S Florida, USA)

Ms. Anita Wong has a range of teaching experiences having taught in public schools and private institutions of learning over the last two decades. Her involvement in meeting the needs of hearing impaired students and the refugee community has broadened her scope in several teaching areas, such as special education needs, the social-psychological and developmental needs of young children and community-school relations. In addition, her background in teaching English as a second language is an asset in helping students with low English proficiency. Ms. Anita is also competent in Bahasa Malaysia and is thus able to provide effective support to a bilingual diploma program. She is involved in one of the department’s research projects and outreach programs. Ms. Anita’s expertise, experience and concern bring new insights and enrichment to her students.


Denise Duar Xia ShingLecturerFoundation Studies (Trinity College, Melbourne)BECE (First Class Honors) (HELP University)

Ms. Denise Duar started her career as a lecturer with a promising future having completed her degree in early childhood education successfully in HELP University with First Class Honours. She was the 2016 Convocation Valedictorian in which she expressed vividly her passion for early childhood education. She is currently involved in several ECCE areas such as children’s theatre, physical and health education, play and learning, and social psychology of the child. She plans to pursue postgraduate studies in the near future. Having an active and lively personality has given her additional impetus to deepen and develop her competencies as an early childhood educator. Ms. Duar’s commitment to enable more ECCE educators and carers to benefit from quality programmes has seen her participating in the department’s outreach programs in East Malaysia.

Adjunct Lecturer

Puan Sri Prof Dr. Rohaty MajzubAdjunct LecturersBA (Hons.)Dip Ed (Malaya)MEd ECE (Florida)PhD (Michigan, Ann Arbor)

Puan Sri Prof Rohaty’s career in ECCE is a professional pathway for young educators and care-providers to emulate from a teacher to an academia, a journalist writing an ECCE column in the Star in the 1990s and continuous engagement with research. She brings to the ECE programs a wealth of enriching experiences to the independent inquiry, a compulsory honours paper that final year students on the BECE (Hons) program, are required to do. Her national ECCE research projects link her to partnering public universities such as, UKM and UPSI in pursuit of making a significant difference to the education experiences of ECCE student educators and carers. The decades of experience as a professor of early childhood education has earned her national recognition and contributes to national ECCE development. Prof Rohaty is active in several NGO’s such as, PERKIM Negeri Sembilan, Persatuan Ibu Tunggal Negeri Sembilan and also in professional organizations such as PERPMA, PSIMA, MQRA and Mental Health Association Malaysia.

Dr Yeow Poh WhaVisiting LecturerBA (Hons)Dip Ed (Malaya)MEd TESL (Manchester)PhD (Leeds)

An experienced teacher, Dr. Yeow has 25 years of experience, especially in teacher education, training teachers to teach English when working in the Ministry of Education and later, in 2011 at the Regional English Language Centre, Singapore. Her expertise and interest in language arts, children’s literature and early English acquisition have added value to HU ECCE programs. Her research involvement in two national ECCE projects on opportunities for professional development and career path, and provision of indigenous people’s basic education in differing settings have connected her with ECCE stakeholders, leaders and entrepreneurs. This background has given her students a wide range of learning experiences. She continues to contribute to the development of ECCE scholarship.

Ms Dorothy RajooAdjunct LecturersB Early Childhood Studies (ECU WA)Med Early Childhood Education (UM)

Ms. Dorothy Rajoo began the early childhood education programs in 2010. Together with two other pioneering colleagues, she witnessed the development of the BECE (Hons) Program and assumed the DECE Program leadership in 2013. Well respected by both colleagues and students, Ms. Dorothy continues to be engaged in the education of educators and childcare-providers. Her contribution goes beyond lectures, tutorials and practicums. She was the secretary of the Faculty Academic Board and ECCE Advisory Council. The position required her to be connected with ECCE centres for the placement of BECE and DECE students, important stakeholders and research partners. ECCE has been her professional pursuit ever since she became a kindergarten teacher and having earned her Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies from Edith Cowan University, Western Australia and Masters of Early Childhood Education, University of Malaya.


Rosalind AhjuTutor

Rosalind Ahju worked as a preschool teacher for more than 15 years. She has also been involved training new preschool teachers and developing learning programmes and preschool workbooks since 2000. She specialises in techniques in story telling for children. Rosalind graduated with the Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies from Edith Cowan University and is currently pursuing her Master of Education in Teaching and Learning at HELP University

Academic Team – Department of Languages


Dr Anna NirmalaSenior Lecturer and Acting Head of Department of LanguagesPhD (TESL) (UPM)MSc (TESL) (UPM)BEd (TESL) Hons (UPM)Dip (ESL) (UM)

Dr. Anna Nirmala a/p M. Kulasingam commenced her career as an English Language Teacher with a Malaysian government secondary school and taught English Language for 18 years. Since 2015, she has been a lecturer with the Department of Languages at HELP University. She is currently Acting Head of the Department of Languages. She obtained her Master of Science in Education (TESL) in 2003 and her PhD in English Language (TESL) from University Putra Malaysia (UPM) in 2013. She was involved in developing materials for Malaysian secondary schools. Dr Anna’s research interest is in the area of reading, writing and teacher development. She has conducted workshops on writing for CISS English Language teachers in Penang, Kuching and at HELP campuses.

Senior Lecturer

Ms. Nalini Devi RamasivamSenior LecturerMEd (TESL) (UM)BEd (Hons) (TESL) (UPM)

Ms. Nalini Devi Ramasivam obtained her teaching certificate of Diploma in English from Maktab Perguruan Sultan Abdul Halim, Kedah. She graduated at the Faculty of TESL at the University Pertanian Malaysia and completed her Masters of Education majoring in TESL from the University Of Malaya. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in the Faculty of Education at Unitar International University. She has served the government as a teacher for the past 18 years and as a lecturer in Help University since 2012.


Dr. Ali DerahvashtLecturerPhD (TESL) (UM)MEd (TESL) (UM)BA (English Language and Literature) (Azad University, Iran)

Dr. Derahvasht held various academic and administrative positions in different places over the last two decades. He has taught English language skills to both ESL and EFL learners for nearly one third of his life. His teachings of TESL methodology to teacher trainees and research methodology to Masters and PhD candidates in Education are other teaching endeavors that he has executed. His research interests are in education and specifically TESL-oriented disputes. At the moment, Dr. Derahvasht is collaborating with two research projects within the HELP University. Currently, he is involved in the teaching of various TESL courses, moderations, and supervision of theses and dissertations, as well as guiding teacher trainees during their real-life teaching practicum.

Ms. Anne BeatriceLecturerMA (TESOL) (Edision University of Technology)BA (Business Information Technology) (Coventry)Dip (TESOL) (London Teacher Training College)

Ms. Anne Beatrice is an English Language teacher/lecturer who has approximately 10 years of teaching experience. Across her teaching career, she has gathered experience teaching various levels of learners, ranging from pre-school right up to higher learning institution. Besides teaching English Language based on the Malaysian curriculum, she has also taught other curriculums such as Montessori, Alpha Omega Programme, and Accelerated Christian Education. She is currently an Intensive English Programme lecturer and actively involved in English Language projects such as conducting IELTS workshops in Independent Chinese Schools, facilitating language carnivals for high school students and also as a judiciary for English Language debates for Independent Chinese Schools. In addition to that, she has also been involved in an overseas project which required her to prepare students of Guilin University of Electronics & Technology, China for IELTS. She constantly seeks opportunities to expand her teaching experience and career in the field of education.

Ms. Dylane Ho Yue TingLecturerMA (English Linguistics) (UCL, UK)BA (Hons) (English Language) (UTAR)Dip (TESOL) (London Teacher Training College)

Ms. Dylane has been working in the tertiary education sector since 2012. She has a keen interest in the linguistic aspects of the English language, and how they can be taught effectively in ESL classroom contexts. She has experience teaching both local and international students of varying levels of proficiency, from Starter to Advanced. She has conducted IELTS preparation workshops and has experience in assessing candidates for the Cambridge BEC (Business English Certificate) speaking examination. During her year of study the prestigious University College London (UCL) in the United Kingdom, Dylane was involved in a UCL ChangeMakers project on improving the English spelling of university students, which has since been documented and published in a journal by her colleagues at UCL.

Ms. Melissa Wong Ling LeeLecturerMA (TESOL) (Swinburne University of Technology)BA (Hons) (Mass Communication) (Inti International University)

Ms. Melissa graduated with a Master’s degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Swinburne University of Technology. She has been working at Help University since 2015, teaching English to mostly international students. Prior to joining Help University, she taught in a private school for 2 years. Besides working as a language teacher, she used to work as a piano tutor in a music school and an education consultant in a foreign university.

Ms. Nyidhyaa VinodhanLecturerBEd (Hons) (TESL) (MSU)

Ms. Nyidhyaa Vinodhan is a graduate of Management and Science University, Malaysia. Upon graduation, she put her skills to good use teaching English to second language learners. As a lecturer in the Intensive English Programme, she teaches local and international students to bring their proficiency to a level that would qualify them for entry into Diploma and degree programmes at HELP University. Ms Nyidhyaa’s bubbly nature and keen sense of humour make her a great addition to any language teaching team. She is a firm believer of and active practitioner in using technology and media resources to enrich learners’ experience in learning English communication skills. One of her major tasks is to help to build resource materials for self-access learning.

Mr. Toby Teh Tze ChienLecturerMEd Educational Studies (Leadership) (University of Queensland)BSc (TESL) (UTM)

Mr. Toby Teh Tze Chien has been in the education industry for ten years, and a university lecturer for four. He has a degree in TESL, a Masters in Educational Studies, a CELTA certificate from the British Council, and has taught subjects as diverse as materials design, teaching methodologies, lesson planning, psychology, and language policies. But the ones that he is best at are public speaking and theater arts. Besides teaching and lecturing, Toby has been constantly involved in the Kuala Lumpur theatre scene. As part of his training over the years, Toby has studied a wide range of topics, from the history of art forms, to performance theories, to acting techniques, to the psychology of voice, body language, movement, and timing, to technical aspects in performances, and audience engagement in the modern age.

Adjunct Lecturer

Dr. Hannah PillayAdjunct LecturerPhD (Education) (East Anglia)Cert in Teacher Training (Manchester)MA (TESOL) (Edinburgh)BA (Hons) (UM)Dip (Applied Linguistics) (RELC Singapore)Dip (Education) (UM)

Dr. Pillay has taught English language and TESOL methodology to primary and secondary school teachers. In addition, she has also trained TESOL trainers and lecturers in teacher education methodology and supervision and qualitative research. Before joining HELP, Dr. Pillay held various academic and administrative positions in the Ministry of Education, Malaysia and SEAMEO RELC (Singapore). She has designed teacher training courses and courses for teacher trainers. She has also published articles on teacher education, trainer training, aspects of TESOL methodology and research methodology in national and international journals. In her current post in HELP, she provides administrative and academic leadership for the Department of Languages as well as teaching on TESL Degree and Masters programmes.

Mdm. Jaya Pushani PonnuduraiAdjunct LecturerMEd (Measurement, Testing and Evaluation) (Manchester)BA (Hons) (English Literature) (UM)Dip (TESL)

Mdm. Jaya Pushani Ponnudurai was the Chief Examiner for the SPM English Language 11119 paper working alongside Cambridge (UCLES) to build test items, set mark schemes, train examiners and mark exam papers. She obtained her Masters in Measurement, Testing and Evaluation from the University of Manchester in 1995. She currently works with the British Council Kuala Lumpur as a Cambridge Certified IELTS Examiner and Examiner Trainer (ET) for IELTS. She is the only examiner trainer for Peninsula Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and Penang) and East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak) and Brunei. As an ET, she has to conduct standardisation workshops for continuing examiners, conduct new examiner training and monitor current examiners. She is also an examiner for the IELTS Writing and Speaking Modules. Jaya retired from the Ministry of Education as a teacher trainer and trainer of trainers in 2012 after 36 years of service in schools, teacher training institutes and English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC).

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